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List of Chat Commands Print

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Note: To use the commands in the chat, you have to do the following:

"Settings" -> "TS3MusicBot Settings"

Now each Unique ID from every user which should be allowed to use have to be in under "User identities" (noquery + query mode)
you can add a Server Group wich allow to use Chatcommands (Only in Query Mode)
or if all are allowed to use commands just add a * under "User identities"

Now here are all commands:


Displays a list of all commands

!say "your message" SYMBOL_OF_LANGUAGE

The bot will say "your message". The default language can be set in the bot settings. The abbreviation for English is "en".


Displays a list of available playlists

!search xxxxxxxxx

Search in the music, radio and playlist folder with the given search string. Example: !search remix (will find all files with the word 'remix' in the name).


Displays a list of available radio stations


Displays a list of all media files.

!radios radio_playlist_name

Begins streaming a playlist
Supported Formats: .pls, .m3u, .ram, .asx, .asf

!musicstart media_file

Begins streaming a Media-file
nearly each format is usable: mp3,wave,apple,ogg,flac....


Stop the Playback.

!youtube /!yt http://youtubelink or http://soundcloudlink

Starts streaming a Youtube or Soundcloud video

!addyt/!addyoutube/!addlink/!addurl http://link

Add a youtube, soundcloud or other link to queue.

!addmusic MUSIC_FILE

Add a single song to queue.


List current songs in queue.

!previous or !prev

Plays the previous track


Plays the next track

!ytgoto NUMBER

Play number x from a playlist

!downloadradio http://LINK-to-file NAME-to-save.FORMAT

download a radioplaylist and stores them

!downloadmedia http://LINK-to-file NAME-to-save.FORMAT

Load a media file and store it on

!deleteradio NAME-of-file.FORMAT

Deletes a radioplaylist

!deletemedia NAME-of-file.FORMAT

Delete a media file

!volume +

Increases the volume

!volume - 

Decreases the volume

!volume 0-100

Set the volume to a desired value


Pause the bot and if you send the command again it starts playing again


Mute/unmute the Bot


Repeats the current media file

!randomradio !zap !zapp

Plays a random radio station of


Temporarily disable the welcome message


Play all media files in the music folder from top to bottom


Plays all media files in the music folder in random order if nothing is playing. If a youtube playlist or a own music playlist is running, the list gets shuffled and restarted in a random order.

!youtubedownload URL or !ytdl URL

Download and Convert a Youtube video and stores a .mp3 file in the folder 'music / Youtube downloads'

!history / !lastplayed

Shows from the last 20 playing files

!setavatar IMAGE_URL


Removes the current set client avatar image.

Set the given image from url as client avatar.


The TS3MusicBot obtains the rights from Channel Commander(if he didnt get it be sure that the Client have the rights to use it)


Restarts the TS3MusicBot.

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