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25 Nov 2020

TeamSpeak Server 3.13.2 has been released and we have upgraded all of our servers. There is nothing you need to do as a user.

28 Mar 2019

TeamSpeak Server 3.7.0 has been released and we will start upgrading our virtual servers Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 starting at 12:00 pm EST and will be completed by 6:00 pm EST. Each server will be down for approximately 5 minutes during the upgrade. During the upgrade, your server will not be available but only for the 5 minutes of your actual ...

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17 Mar 2019

All users,

CrNet is now providing web hosting packages. Visit our web hosting section for more information.

22 Jan 2019

Today TeamSpeak announced the release of server 3.6.0. We are starting to spin up this version in our test environment and expect to release it to our users early February. 

19 Jan 2019

All of our TeamSpeak servers have been upgraded to the latest version, 3.5.1. If you have any issues with your servers please open a support ticket.

19 Jan 2017

We will be upgrading all of our TeamSpeak Server on Friday 1/20/2017.  The upgrades should only take 30 minutes and will be starting at 8:00am EST. During this time you may have a few minutes of unavailabiliy.

3 Sept 2016

CrNet is closely monitoring Tropical Storm Hermine and the possibility it could impact our area this weekend and into early next week. The storm has the potential to bring heavy rain and strong winds as it sweeps up the east coast. In anticipation of the storm, we're making sure that all systems are operating and that all available personnel are ...

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28 Apr 2016

To provide better service we have upgraded our New York TeamSpeak3 servers into our East Cluster to provide more bandwidth and a higher quality of service.

7 Apr 2016

We are happy to announce that our South Korea & Japan TeamSpeak 3 servers are online and ready for customers.

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30 Mar 2016

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our TeamSpeak Services to our datacenter in California. We will be continuning to expand our services and have moved to a new model for expansion. This is a very exciting time for us here at CrNet and are looking forward to providing the best services to all our customers.